Extended Warranty conditions

1.1 Our extended warranty applies to all refurbished and new products that you purchase from ProNova. This means that all hardware-related faults during the warranty period are repaired completely, without being charged by ProNova in the repair department. Software failures and user errors are not covered under warranty.

1.2 When there is an issue with the product covered by the extended warranty, we guarantee the repair or replacement of the defective product or part of equal value.

1.3 The warranty always start on the day that the product is being purchased. After the standard warranty period the extended warranty starts. Please see the date on the invoice and cover all material defects that occur during the regular use.

1.5 Defective part of the product is being repaired or replaced by identical or similar elements.

1.6 To claim the warranty, the buyer must present the original proof of purchase; so we beseech our buyer to save the original purchase receipt. We reserve the right to reject the warranty claim if the proof of purchase cannot be provided.

1.7 Extended warranty packages available: 3 months, 6 months.

Sample, laptops with 3 months standard warranty with extended warranty package of 3 months is total of 6 months of warranty.

Ask our sale staff for your extended warranty.